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Fear Street, the YA horror series we read after Goosebumps but before Christopher Pike, is being made into not one, but three movies, Collider reports. The trilogy will reportedly follow two gay teenagers “trying to navigate their rocky relationship when they’re targeted by the crazy horrors of their small town, Shadyside,” the fictional Ohio burg where author R.L. Stine often staged his tales. Today, the actresses at the helm were revealed to be Disney Channel alum Kiana Madeira and Olivia Welch, who’s appeared on episodes of Agent Carter and Modern Family.

Per Collider, Madeira and Welch will each be playing two different characters, one in the mid-90s and one in the 1600s when, it’s noted,gay women faced even greater adversity and repercussions.” The shifting timelines, fans of the series might recall, was a device often cleverly used by Stine. Who else remembers the Betrayal trilogy?


Leading the charge are two acclaimed indie talents in Honeymoon’s Leigh Janiak and prolific filmmaker Alex Ross Perry, who’s on the verge of releasing Her Smell, one of our favorite flicks from last year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Janiak spearheaded a writers room for the films, one that may or may not have featured Stranger Things’ writer Kate Trefry. That’s some good talent right there.

Though no release date is set, 20th Century Fox reportedly plans to release the three movies “in close proximity” to each other. Considering Stine rarely made us wait more than a month for a new book, that’s more than fitting.

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