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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled The fate of the emJustice League/em movie apparently rests entirely on Superman

While many have been talking for months as though a Justice League movie were an inevitability—including discussing possible directors who won’t actually direct it, and the repeated assertions from sites like Latino Review claiming they know exactly which heroes, villains, and even storyline it will feature—it turns out the film is a little more up in the air than previously thought, which is a not-so-clever reference to the fact that it all comes down to Superman. In this article examining the ramifications of Warner Bros.’ newly installed CEO Kevin Tsujihara, Variety reports that the studio is waiting to see how Man Of Steel performs before moving forward on Justice League—which is still in the scripting stage—meaning that its 2015 release date is apparently far more tentative than originally imagined. So, if you’re hoping for a Justice League movie, better go see Man Of Steel, since it seems like—as with so many Justice League stories—only Superman can save them and/or negate any reason to have the Justice League. [via Coming Soon]


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