Fast Five

Fox’s Lethal Weapon TV series will be adding “quick” and “angry” to its list of adjectives (slotting them in next to “Damon Wayans Sr.-y” and “kind of unnecessary”), by casting Fast And The Furious series star Jordana Brewster in a supporting role. According to Variety, Brewster will play a “no-nonsense” police negotiator and therapist, who’ll presumably spend a lot of her time interacting with the uncast-but-presumably-still-unhinged Detective Martin Riggs, as he slowly recovers from the trauma of being played by Mel Gibson for most of the last 30 years.

Besides ramping cars off of giant, glistening abs (or whatever it is that happens in the Furious films), Brewster has also been working steadily in TV; she had a starring role in the Dallas reboot, and can currently be seen on both ABC’s Secrets And Lies, and in a small role on FX’s American Crime Story.