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The Fast And Furious family are now Spy Racers in the teaser for Netflix's animated series

This teaser for Netflix’s upcoming animated series Fast And Furious: Spy Racers doesn’t tell us much that we couldn’t already infer from the fact that it’s an animated series based on the Fast And Furious universe, but this is the first official reveal that it’s called Spy Racers. That’s at least a cool-sounding name that feels very appropriate for the big, dumb Fast And Furious universe, and “spy racer” does seem like a good description for whatever the hell Dominic Toretto and his buddies do in those movies, but the YouTube description suggests that this won’t necessarily be about the team from the movie. It says “a new family is racing their way toward Netflix,” which could just be a reference to the fact that it’s a new series, but it does imply this will be about a new group of characters who save the day by driving cars.


Fast And Furious: Spy Racers is just “coming soon,” but if every other Netflix show is any indication, it’ll appear on the service at some point in the future with very little fanfare.

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