Thanks to Netflix’s 10-episode series Making A Murderer, Americans were able to spend the Christmas holiday indulging in the new national pastime: obsessing over the specifics of grisly real-life crimes. Along with HBO’s The Jinx and the popular podcast Serial, Making A Murderer is helping to transform this country into a nation of nosy Nancy Drews, diligently sorting through unpleasant evidence in hopes of uncovering the truth. The Netflix series is even having some impact on the real world, causing hundreds of thousands of people to demand a presidential pardon for Murderer subject Steven Avery. Meanwhile, a sheriff and prosecutor involved in the case claim that Murder omitted some damning evidence in order to tell its story. Clearly, this is an issue that only the amateur crime buffs of America are equipped to settle.

The folks at Chicken Fried Comedy have been sorting through the details of the case, and they’ve come to a startling conclusion: The telephone conversations presented on Making A Murderer are all basically alike. The people making the show could have saved themselves some trouble by just reusing the same footage over and over again. It’s always just people saying “yeah” a lot in thick Wisconsin accents over shots of very plain-looking houses. In that spirit, the CFCers have distilled the very essence of the series into a 17-second video called “Every Phone Conversation In Netflix’s Making A Murderer.” For those on the go, the ultra-brief comedy sketch provides a convenient alternative to the lengthy time commitment demanded by the full-length series.