Credit: Alex Wong / Getty

In the great palace intrigue of the Trump administration, which largely consists of angry, bloviating men slap-fighting each other in an attempt to be the last person to talk to the president and therefore most likely to influence his next tweet, Steve Bannon has always loomed large. Much of this is due to his apocalyptic worldview, which lionizes Nazi propagandists and expediting clash-of-civilizations rhetoric, and much of it is because he looks like a partially skinned animal filled to bursting with lice. There’s a wonderful synchronicity between the repulsiveness of Bannon’s ideas and the repulsiveness of his visage, which is perhaps part of why he has only made one major public appearance, a vainglorious, preening display shortly after Trump got elected. Since then, he’s mostly taken to texting shit-talk to reporters and, presumably, drinking rubbing alcohol in a darkened room.

Yesterday, the 31-year-old chief Bannon apostle Stephen Miller made his way in front of reporters for a testy press conference. During it, Miller got into an argument with Jim Acosta, distanced the Trump administration from the Statue Of Liberty, and attempted to justify a racist retrograde immigration policy that smelled strikingly of Bannonite white nationalism.

Viewers could not help but note a similar harmony between the ghastliness of this worldview and the soul-death lurking behind young Miller’s eyes.



We could keep doing this all day, but you get the picture. We look forward to the far right’s next Trump administration spokesperson: a two-liter bottle full of milky white acne pus with “kek” written on it in permanent marker. Here’s hoping that one sticks around!