Like a fine Roquefort, The Fall’s Mark E. Smith only grows more deliciously acrid with age, and his tolerance for bands that are not The Fall (never all that magnanimous to begin with) only grows more and more hilarious. Yesterday The Quietus picked up on an interview Smith granted to the Australian magazine Brag, in which Smith groused about having to play with festivals with “ass lickers” like banjo-wielding alt-folkies Mumford & Sons, about whom he had this to say:

"We were playing a festival in Dublin the other week. There was this other group like, warming up in the next sort of chalet, and they were terrible. I said 'shut them cunts up' and they were still warming up, so I threw a bottle at them. The bands said 'that's the Sons of Mumford' or something, 'they're number five in charts!' I just thought they were a load of retarded Irish folk singers.”

This is easily the funniest thing Mark E. Smith has said this week.