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The average crime drama tends to be filled with gruesome cases, procedural obviousness, and female characters so thinly drawn, they’re invisible when they turn sideways. The Fall keeps the first item on that list and fixes the rest of it. So it’s good news for fans of Gillian Anderson’s BBC thriller as Variety reports that the show has been renewed for a third season.


The show has been lauded for inverting many of the usual aspects of the serial killer procedural, which makes it stand out in a landscape of much, much worse versions of serial killer TV shows. U.S. fans of the show must rely on Netflix to get their fix, which is a blessing for those who want to binge the whole thing at once and a curse for people who have Netflix but hate shows that are good. And the BBC clearly has no desire to halt production, especially now that the show’s villain is an international sex symbol. No doubt that will be the angle used in promotional materials for the upcoming season: “Look at the creepy sex-crime monster—isn’t he hot?” You can watch the all-too-brief teaser for season three below.

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