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Netflix has sent its award-winning Fab Five to trot the globe before—including a brief, yet impactful sojourn to Yass, Australia—but their next trip comes with a decidedly bigger mission. Queer Eye heads to Tokyo for its aptly titled special, Queer Eye: We’re In Japan! The four-episode special season sets out to help four new heroes with the help of model/actress Kiko Mizohara and comedian Naomi Watanabe. The new recipients include a “painfully shy radio director,” a generous hospice nurse, a manga artist who sustained bullying, and a man who who wants to introduce his boyfriend to his family. Naturally, we’re already rooting for everyone, including Bobby Berk, who will undoubtedly build at least three new, swanky mansions from scratch. That’s when he’ll have reached his final form, right?


The official synopsis, per a recent press release: “The Fab Five - Antoni Porowski (Food & Wine), Bobby Berk (Interior Design), Jonathan Van Ness (Grooming), Karamo Brown (Culture), and Tan France (Fashion) - will bring their expertise to Tokyo, working to make-better four heroes while experiencing Japanese cuisine, fashion, design, grooming and culture firsthand.” You can check out the new trailer below, which should provoke just enough emotional instability until the special launches globally on November 1.

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