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The Eyes Of My Mother director Nicolas Pesce is rebooting The Grudge

The Eyes Of My Mother

The 2004 movie The Grudge was one of the first big hits of the post-Ring wave of American remakes of Japanese horror movies, and now a whole new generation is getting a chance to be scared by spooky Japanese houses and little cat boys. As reported by Deadline, Nicolas Pesce has been hired to write and direct a reboot of The Grudge, with Sam Raimi on board as a producer and Midnight Meat Train writer Jeff Buhler writing an earlier draft of the script.

We don’t know any other specifics about Pesce’s version of The Grudge, but he is the man behind the artsy horror film The Eyes Of My Mother. Based on that film, it seems safe to assume that he’ll bring some sort of stylish edge to the cat boy, and with Raimi on board, maybe he’ll go crazy with the violence as well.


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