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The Expendables, Red, and Step Up might all become TV shows

Illustration for article titled emThe Expendables/em, emRed/em, and emStep Up/em might all become TV shows

Never a company to settle for one film when four or five plus a TV series and then later a reboot will do, Lionsgate has revealed that it is considering adapting several recently acquired Summit franchises to the small screen, including Step Up, Red, and The Expendables. The films—in which skirmishes are resolved using old people and/or choreographed dance moves, depending on the situation—are currently only in the realm-of-possibility phase, as Lionsgate considers whether those premises can be padded out into a weekly series without straining them past the point of credulity. Or, at least, that would be under consideration were they not series based on movies about elderly mercenaries/secret agents and dance-battling teens, and thus exempt from such concern. Instead, the more likely question is which of the various TV analogues to The Expendables' action movie all-stars would be available, and how much they would have to pay, say, Kevin Sorbo and Lorenzo Lamas.


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