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The Exorcist director thinks planned remake can suck cocks in hell

Visual representation of William Friedkin's opinion on a planned Exorcist reboot

Director of The Exorcist and not-exactly-easygoing guy William Friedkin has chimed in on a planned remake of his classic horror film. Unsurprisingly, he’s less than enthused about the idea. Not only that, but he took a little extra time to throw shade at the sequels to the original film, as well. Utilizing the subtle wit for which Twitter is known, Friedkin responded to questions about his support for any reboot with the following demonstration of his complex and nuanced position.


Presumably, the latter tweet is more of a dig at the universally-panned “prequels” Morgan Creek put out in the mid-2000s, than at original Exorcist author William Peter Blatty’s 1990 sequel, since if anyone has a right to make a sequel, it’s probably the guy who wrote the first one. Still, when asked if he’d be willing to participate in a remake or sequel, possibly directing it were Morgan Creek to ask, the director continued to not mince words.


And with that, William Friedkin spewed green bile all over the idea of a new Exorcist film, then flung it out the window to its hoped-for death. We’d just like to note, however, that he said nothing about the idea of an Exorcist TV show, which must therefore be assumed to be a super-good idea, one that Friedkin supports 100 percent, and would probably direct every episode for, were he given a chance.

[h/t Digital Spy]


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