This very website aside, apparently, a lot of people really liked 2012’s Dredd. Something about its tale of a heroic law enforcement officer who murders everyone he possibly can really spoke to audiences, but not enough audiences that a sequel will ever be made. Luckily, Adi Shankar, who executively produced Dredd, has no problem continuing its story on his own. According to The Wrap, Shankar is currently working on an unofficial spinoff series focusing on the evil Dark Judges from the Judge Dredd comic strips that inspired the movie. The Dark Judges—which are named Death, Fire, Fear, and Mortis—differ from the good guy Judges in that they love to murder everyone they possibly can, but also they look really scary so they’re obviously bad. With confusing social commentary like this, it’s a wonder why Dredd wasn’t more successful.

Anyway, the Dark Judges project is going to be a seven-part miniseries that will premiere somewhere on the Internet later this month, and—in a move that probably has a great deal to do with the fact that it’s not officially sanctioned by anyone—it will be available for free. Also, this isn’t the first time Shankar has just said “fuck it” and made his own unofficial thing starring a licensed character. He’s also the guy behind Venom: Truth In Journalism and Punisher: Dirty Laundry, the latter finally giving fans of Thomas Jane’s Punisher movie a chance to see their beloved hero kill people again. Since Shankar seems to have a thing for resurrecting under-appreciated comic book movies, maybe his next project can be an unofficial sequel to Jonah Hex?