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The evolution of The Beatles, as performed by a TikTok user and many wigs

Photo: Evening Standard / Stringer (Getty Images)

You know in a bookstore there are always gift books of glossy photos with titles like Barack Obama Through The Years and Kate Middleton: From Diapers To Duchess or things like that? Well, this is kind of like that, but funnier, more endearing, and instead of photos, it’s a TikTok whiz doing impressions in wigs.

TikTok user Maris Jones, a director and photographer, has filled her feed with, among other things, “evolution” videos: the evolution of the telephone, the TV, sharing media, jeans, sunglasses, you get the idea. But as a Beatles fan on Twitter pointed out, she’s also done the Fab Four, and they are pretty great, honestly! Here’s Paul:


The “Hey Jude” bit is especially good there. John:

“Don’t Let Me Down,” indeed. George:


That cardboard sitar is very charming. And of course, Ringo:


Also very good. Overall, a very good effort! The head wiggles! The wigs! The also-evolving instruments! The mustaches, my god, the mustaches! Way to go, Maris Jones. And way to go, @BEATLESOUTSOLD, the Twitter account that pointed us Maris’ way, and which is also responsible for this piece of eternal wisdom:


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