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The Evil Dead remake is real and it's being written by Diablo Cody

Illustration for article titled The emEvil Dead/em remake is real and its being written by Diablo Cody

Perhaps sensing the growing Internet skepticism over the prospect of an Evil Dead remake, Ghost House Pictures has now stepped up with an official press release confirming that the project does, in fact, exist in places besides Bruce Campbell’s imagination. Also confirmed: Director Fede Alvarez is indeed in charge—under the supervision of original producers Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, and Campbell, of course—and has also co-written the script with his Panic Attack collaborator Rodo Sayagues. However, the release goes on to announce that the filmmakers have hired none other than Diablo Cody to punch it up, providing the same balance of horror and humor she brought to Jennifer’s Body, which is either encouraging or enervating depending on how you felt about that movie. If it helps, the producers seem intent on staying true to the original’s storyline, even providing a comprehensive synopsis in the press release. Although, Cody’s involvement certainly hints that this time around, the horrors will be unleashed through demonic incantations of quippy portmanteaus and appropriated web-speak.


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