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Evil Dead 2

The origins of the music in Evil Dead 2 are shrouded in darkness. Legend has it the soundtrack was written by the dark ones, and the music served as a passageway to the evil worlds beyond. Or, if you don’t buy that, you can just enjoy the fact that Waxwork Records is releasing a 30th anniversary deluxe vinyl edition of the soundtrack, and the full album is available to stream in its entirety today.


The music, by composer Joseph LoDuca, is a combination of electronic and orchestral sounds, fusing ornate horror-based bombast with lilting lullabies that will bring fond memories of watching Bruce Campbell cut off his own hand. The package itself features two variants of 180 gram colored vinyl, 11” by 11” printed inserts, and new original artwork from Phantom City Creative’s Justin Erickson. Plus, you can finally drop the needle, sit at your desk late at night, read the words of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, and experience the magic of having evil spirits rip your life apart, just like in the movie. Fun! You can order the record now at the Waxwork site.

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