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The ever-hopeful Ezra Miller still claims his Flash movie is going to happen

Illustration for article titled The ever-hopeful Ezra Miller istill/i claims his iFlash /imovie is going to happen
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It’s been a long and winding road for the Flash movie, which—for various reasons—has proven to be significantly harder to get off the ground than a freakin’ Aquaman movie. Multiple writers and directors have signed on and then dropped out, including presumed star Ezra Miller (who played the Scarlet Speedster in Justice League) and famous comic writer Grant Morrison, who wrote a script together earlier this year that was apparently rejected by Warner Bros. in favor of a potential total rewrite by Birds Of Prey and Bumblebee writer Christina Hodson. That happened in July, at which point It director Andy Muschietti was also in talks to join the long line of Flash directors.


That, as far as we know, is still where The Flash stands, but it’s at least enough to keep Ezra Miller’s faith in the dark Flash movie of his dreams alive. Speaking to W Korea (via IGN), Miller listed a handful of upcoming projects that—in his words—are “absolutely confirmed,” including: Fantastic Beasts 3, the Flash movie, and some new music both on his own and with his band Sons Of An Illustrious Father. We don’t care much about two of those (no offense to the other Sons Of An Illustrious Father), but it is nice to get a reassurance that the Flash movie is “absolutely” still in some stage of development. Of course, that’s obviously what a guy in this position would say, and there’s a difference between what he’s saying and the movie actually getting made. As always, the best thing to do here is to assume that the movie won’t happen and then be pleasantly surprised if it does.

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