Friday Night Tykes

Esquire, the other manly network for manly men, devotes most of its schedule to reality shows, reality competitions, and Parks And Recreation marathons. But now, as reported by Variety, Esquire has decided to try its manly hand at a scripted series with Spotless, a “dark drama” created by Ed McCardie (a writer on the British Shameless) and Corinne Marrinan (a veteran CSI producer). Spotless will follow “a troubled man” named Jean Bastiere who lives in London and must face the “dark sins of this past and real dangers of the present” when his “outlaw brother” shows up. It will reportedly be “sexy with dark humor.”

Like any good manly man, though, the Esquire Network is a little wary of change. So, in order to stop itself from growing too much, it has also picked up four additional unscripted shows. One is Winner’s Circle, a show about celebrity friends doing the cool stuff that celebrity friends get to do, which means it’ll probably be like a horrifyingly real version of Entourage. There’s also Friday Night Tykes: Western, PA, which is a spinoff of Friday Night Tykes that is set in the home county of Mike Ditka and Joe Namath. Will they be on the show? Probably not. Next is Team Ninja Warrior, a spinoff of American Ninja Warrior where the contestants try to complete parkour challenges and stealth assassinations in teams. The fourth unscripted show is Educating America, a documentary series about “what really happens inside American schools.” We’re gonna guess it involves a lot of talk about Minecraft.