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Illustration for article titled The emEntourage/em guys are making a Fox sitcom about legalizing weed

Hoping to bring the same lacerating satirical sensibility to the drug war they previously, ostensibly lent to Hollywood, the Entourage production trio of Rob Weiss, Mark Wahlberg, and Steve Levinson are developing a comedy for Fox about the very timely topic of marijuana decriminalization—a subject deserving of the sort of trenchant, Swiftian comic observation that only a Fox sitcom and the makers of Entourage can provide. Titled The Happy Tree, at least until such a time as Giggles 'N Cheetos can be cleared by Fox's legal department, the series concerns a successful yet totally uptight lawyer whose nervous breakdown sends him spiraling into a more laidback existence on Venice Beach, where he suddenly becomes a leader for the "legalize it" movement. In keeping with the previous shows from the producer trio—who also gave us How To Make It In America—presumably every episode will concern the lawyer guy almost getting in trouble for weed and then, at the last minute, not.


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