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The entire Harry Potter saga in just 60 seconds

If you missed all the fuss about Harry Potter both the first (the books) and second (the films) time around, there's still time to catch up. But if you're too lazy to actually read books or watch movies (why do you read this website again?), then you can settle for the third best thing and watch this 60-second video, which attempts to squeeze the entire Harry Potter saga into one short clip. Except for Quidditch, which, ugh, why does everyone hate on Quidditch, anyway? According to the short film's Facebook page, the clip is actually a remake by its creators so it could be entered in a Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival. If anything, though, it'll just make the non-initiated even more confused while their Harry Potter superfan friends nod their heads, chuckle, and condescendingly mutter, "You wouldn't get it." Oh, and spoiler alert: everything. [via The Daily What]

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