Syfy has announced that the second season of Stargate: Universe will be its last, with the final 10 episodes of the series airing in the spring. Once a lynchpin of the Syfy lineup, the Stargate franchise—a roster of spinoffs that also included Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis—has been on the network since 2002, when it was still called Sci Fi and capable of admitting that, yes, it primarily runs science-fiction shows. Of course, just because the last surviving Stargate series is almost over doesn’t necessarily mean the Stargate story is ending, as there are at least two more direct-to-DVD films, Stargate: Extinction and Stargate: Revolution, that have long been in the planning (albeit delayed by financial issues), and there are still numerous Stargate roleplaying games out there. And of course, it will live on within the galaxy-spanning wormhole of our hearts.