NBC’s family drama This Is Us cleaned up at the Emmy’s this year, pulling in 11 total nominations, including Drama Series, two noms for Drama Actor (for Milo Ventimiglia and Sterling K. Brown) and a host of others. That number dropped to 10, today, though, when the Television Academy disqualified the show’s nomination for Contemporary Costumes over a rule violation.

The show’s costume staff, Hala Bahmet, Marina Ray, and Elinor Bardach, fell victim not to some quibble about fabric types, though, but to the series’ time-shifted nature; according to Deadline, the episode up for consideration—the season finale “Moonshadow”—spent too much time in the past to qualify for the “contemporary” part of the nomination’s name. (The Academy has a separate award for period costuming.) “Having reviewed the ‘Moonshadow’ episode of This Is Us, the awards committee noted that the entrant unfortunately miscalculated the proportion of scenes that were period versus contemporary,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “In fact, the episode is predominately period.”


Like we said, the series still has plenty of likely award wins to tide itself over with. It’ll just have to accept that there’s at least one award where, for This Is Us, this is not.