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Illustration for article titled The elaborate new emX-Men: Days Of Future Past/em teaser site alleges that Magneto killed JFK

It’s been public knowledge for a bit now that the upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past would blend the past and present, facilitating the meeting of 21st century versions of Magneto, Professor X, and so on with their ‘60s and ‘70s counterparts. It’s a whole “correct the past to save the future” thing, and it should be both neat and confusing.


Now there’s an elaborate teaser website, The Bent Bullet, for fans to mess around with. The website and accompanying video are built around the idea that Michael Fassbender’s Magneto was responsible and imprisoned for the death of President John F. Kennedy Jr, supposedly because he used his mutant powers to bend a bullet that was maybe not even meant for Kennedy. It’s a whole convoluted conspiracy theory thing, with questions like “why would he even want to kill the president” coming into prominent play, but fans should find the site to be a handy way to kill a few hours between now and May 23, 2014, when the movie comes out.

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