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The Edge Of Tomorrow sequel gets a new name that might be more memorable

Emily Blunt

Doug Liman’s 2014 action film Edge Of Tomorrow was pretty good, but it struggled to make much of an impact. Many people attributed this to its generic title, which didn’t tell you anything about the fact that it was about Tom Cruise dying over and over and over again while he and Emily Blunt tried to figure out how to kill alien monsters. Warner Bros. even tried to hide the original title on the film’s DVD and Blu-ray packaging, rebranding it with the tagline Live. Die. Repeat. instead. Liman is currently working on DC’s Justice League Dark, but in an interview Collider, he revealed that he has a new title in mind if he gets a chance to make an Edge Of Tomorrow sequel.

Apparently, Liman hopes to call the film Live Die Repeat And Repeat, which is definitely more descriptive than the original title. It’s also very wordy and a little awkward to say, but at least it tells you that the movie is about someone who lives, dies, and then repeats that process multiple times. We don’t know anything beyond that, but both Cruise and Blunt are “excited about it” and seem fully on board, with Liman suggesting that it’s “not an if, it’s a when.”


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