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The eclipse was good on the internet, too

Photo: St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Getty Images

Put aside for a brief moment the unshakable image of our newly presidential president staring directly into the sun, to the amazement of Tuckers Carlson everywhere. Yesterday’s solar eclipse was a wholesome moment of pure wonder at the universe’s mathematical scope, and, even if you couldn’t quite get a good view of the whole thing in person (as was the case for certain Chicago-based office dwellers), some of the best angles and most entertaining reactions could be found online.

Take, for example, weatherman and Chicago institution Tom Skilling, who broke down in tears with gobsmacked wonder at the whole thing:


Then just started hugging people and shit:

Or how about this video taken by a journalist in Salem, Oregon, of a young woman screaming at the eclipse like it was a double rainbow:


One of the most frankly astonishing and widely shared videos was this one, taken high above the earth’s surface, from which you can watch the moon’s shadow pass over the earth in real time. Flat-earthers loved this shit.


It created eclipse-shaped shadows that looked like a video game texture bugging out:


Even the normally acerbic Outline got wistful about it:

Truly, it was a beautiful day, in the real world and online.


Congratulations, rotating balls of flaming hydrogen and volcanic rock.

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