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The Eclectic Method remixed Guardians Of The Galaxy

Folks generally enjoyed last summer’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, with its dopey yet chiseled hero leading a band of underdogs to thwart galactic nemesis Joe MacMillan (sure, he was dressed up in blue makeup and calling himself Ronan, but we all knew it was that prick from Cardiff Electric.) Even Tony Stark liked it better than Iron Man.

Guardians fever even took over peoples’ earbuds as well, with the soundtrack topping Billboard charts over the summer. With depressing real-world events like Isis, unrest in Ukraine, ebola, and kids getting shot in Ferguson, who wouldn’t want to listen to music several decades old while being whisked away on an adventure light years away from Earth.


Summer is gone. The days are getting shorter, colder, and more encrusted with ice, but Eclectic Method is back with another movie remix, this time capturing the fun summertime spirit of Star-Lord and friends. Courtesy of Laughing Squid, Eclectic Method’s remix takes the action, dialog, satanic raccoon laughter, and classic rock of Guardians Of The Galaxy and tosses it all into a secret DJ blender. So press play and let it put a baby Groot smile on your face, or even better, crank it up and challenge your neighbor to a Peter Quill dance-off.

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