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The Duplass brothers will return to The Mindy Project, any other projects you might have

Jay and Mark Duplass on The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project has always had a bit of a knack for snagging big-name guest stars in its season premiere episodes. For the season two opener, it was James Franco. Season four, despite the move to Hulu, already made headlines with the announcement Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be playing Mindy’s husband in a Sliding Doors-style “what if?” storyline. But for fans of talky, reflective indie dramas and the workaholic folks who produce them, no question looms larger in the mind than, “But what about Mark and Jay Duplass, they of the absurd number of projects and seeming ability to function based solely on energy derived from producing, writing, and starring in things?”

You needn’t have feared. Mindy Kaling recently took to Twitter and revealed that everyone’s favorite brothers in midwifery, the Deslaurier siblings, will be appearing in the first episode, along with any other films, TV shows, stage plays, webseries, or open mic nights you might want to offer them.


E! Online has confirmed not only the return of Mindy Lahiri’s upstairs nemeses, but a few additional details about the premiere. In addition to Gordon-Levitt’s spouse, Danny Castellano will also have an alternate-reality love interest, played by Frieda Pinto. Former Dancing With The Stars cohost Brooke Burke, on the other hand, will be playing herself, perhaps because otherwise the Duplass brothers would try to cast one of themselves in that role, as well.

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