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The Duplass brothers, obviously, are making a webseries about hip-hop-loving dancing teens for Disney

Photo: Jason LaVeris (Getty Images)

Following the age-old Hollywood adage that says, “If you can film a bunch of bored-looking white guys talking quietly about nothing for several hours, you can probably film anything,” Disney announced today that it’s tasked Jay and Mark Duplass with producing a new YouTube series for the Disney Channel, centered on a group of aspiring teenage hip-hop dancers. Shook will star Disney Channel star Sofia Wylie as a professional dancing hopeful who finds herself drawn to the liberating world of street dancing—an experience that we can only assume the Duplassi’s years on the competitive breakdancing scene will bring to dazzling life.

But we kid the mumblecore mavens, whose vast production portfolio over the last few years has included documentaries (like Wild Wild Country for Netflix), animated comedies (like Animals, for HBO) and a variety of other projects. This will be their first time producing for youths, though, so fingers crossed that teenagers will somehow be able to identify with a filmography studded with aimlessness and sullen, indifferent silence. (We kid! We kid!)


Shook is set to land on the Disney Channel’s YouTube channel; it’ll broadcast on September 28.

[via IndieWire]

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