With the DVD of Ā Inception due in stores tomorrow, just in time to provide a holiday brain-pretzel mind-fuck, it's timely that this video is making the rounds this morning. The film lays out how dreams at different levels pass at different speeds, and while it wasn't the most confusing part of the film, all the cutting back and forth between dreams at multiple levels could leave your head spinning. This clip makes at least that part of the film easier to understand, presenting the four dreams that make up the bulk of InceptionĀ side by side in real time. (And for all the Comic Book Guys out there, the video's creator notes that, yes, "real time" would start with the crew sleeping on the plane, but there's no footage of that available from the movie, so just enjoy the four dreams and don't think too much about it.) It also serves as a reminder to everyone that the snow shoot-out sequence was kinda bogus.

If you haven't seen the film, spoilers ahoy.