Lawyers representing the surviving members of The Doors—which was fronted by a perpetually drunk guy who woke up most mornings, got himself a beer, then preached Dionysian excess until he overdosed in a bathtub—have threatened legal action against a Paris bar that pays tribute to the band, as it does not want to be associated with drinking. To be fair to the group, it really is a clear case of infringement, as the owner of the Lezard King openly acknowledges that he didn’t seek their blessing before naming it after Jim Morrison’s poetic alter ego, draping the establishment in photos of the group, selling cocktails named things like “Light My Fire” and “Soft Parade” (presumably the weakest drink on the menu), and creating a tres fancy website that plays string versions of “Riders On The Storm.” His reasoning? “I didn't ask permission but I suspected they would immediately refuse if I did.” And indeed, now that they know about it, they have refused, telling him in a letter that they did not want The Doors to be associated with boozing. This should do it.