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The Dole-Kemp 1996 website is still live, and amazingly slow

Sure, the 2012 presidential election is now over, and Americans are either feeling relief or terror at the prospect of another four years of Barack Obama as our president/emperor. But can we suggest something that will bring us all—Democrat and Republican, left and right, red and blue—together in solidarity? That something is the Bob Dole/Jack Kemp presidential website, still in operation from 1996, back when the Internet was new enough that serious presidential candidates apparently thought they needed crossword puzzles on their sites. (Alas, the puzzle no longer survives.) You can read all about Dole’s latest exploits in the “In Box,” then go and grab the latest Bob Dole wallpaper for your desktop, because nothing says you’re “with it” like having an endless tile of Bob Dole’s dog, “Leader” Dole, for your background. The kids will think you’re the coolest! Give the site a little while to load, then go back to surfing like you still use Netscape. (h/t Uproxx)


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