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The Dixie Chicks boost Beyoncé’s country cred, not that she really needs it

(Photo: Getty Images)

Thanks to its cool, refreshing mixture of massive marketing hype and authentic artistic statement, Beyoncé’s Lemonade is practically guaranteed to win a bunch of Grammys this year. There’s a good chance that the visual album could pick up an Emmy or two as well. But a CMA award? We could see it, and so could the Dixie Chicks, who spent this past week learning Beyoncé’s country-fried “Daddy Lessons” before premiering it on stage in Manchester, England last weekend:

The quality of the video itself, captured by user Anna Grace Lawson, itself isn’t great, as it’s obviously filmed on a cell phone. But you can hear the song just fine, enough to tell that, aside from a few small instrumentation changes (i.e. fiddle), no alterations had to be made to adapt the number for a country group. (The whoops were already there, even.) So watch out afro-funk ensembles and free jazz groups, because Beyoncé could be coming for you next.


[via Billboard]

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