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The Dixie Chicks announce their first new album since 2006

Photo: Jeff Vinnick (Getty Images)

Fresh off of that cameo on the new Taylor Swift album and 16 years after Natalie Maines dared to suggest that George W. Bush was bad guy (this was before that sort of thing was normal, since we can say that the current president is an enormous piece of shit and nobody’s going to excommunicate us from the country music community except for other people who are also pieces of shit), The Dixie Chicks have announced a new album. As reported by Consequence Of Sound, Maines appeared on a recent episode of the Spiritualgasm podcast and revealed that the band is getting back together for an album called Gaslighter that is “comprised entirely of original material.”

Maines notes that their 2006 album Taking The Long Way was their most “personal and autobiographical” album, since it came just a few years after the Bush comments, but this new one is “like, 10 times that.” Consequence Of Sound also suspects that certified hit-maker (and noted Taylor Swift buddy) Jack Antonoff is involved in some way, but it doesn’t sound like that’s been confirmed yet. Also, The Dixie Chicks are planning a big tour to support Gaslighter—which is going to come out in 2020—so that should afford them plenty more opportunities to say some real shit about… whoever the president happens to be when the album comes out.


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