Sometime between when The Dismemberment Plan broke up and got back together, frontman Travis Morrison formed his own band, The Hellfighters. They released a full length on Barsuk in 2007, All Y’all, then recorded a few other tracks with producer Devin Ocampo in 2008 before splitting up.

Those Ocampo tracks never saw the light of day until just recently, when Bad Friend Records approached Morrison about putting them out digitally and on vinyl. The resulting EP, Cruisin’ (All Night Long), is available now as a stream, as a download, and as a real, hard-copy record fans can order online.


All three tracks are fairly poppy, but they also stick pretty close to Morrison’s usual chatterbox fare. This time, though, he's talking about topics like "queer cops" out looking for love, rather than calling his mom on New Year’s Eve and pouring a bottle of champagne over his head. Check it out below.