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The Dismemberment Plan will release a new album, Uncanney Valley, on October 15

The Dismemberment Plan just announced the release of its fifth album, Uncanney Valley, due out October 15 on Partisan Records. The title is apparently spelled wrong on purpose, or the band is going to be very embarrassed. This is pretty big—though not unexpected—news for fans of the Plan, which split up in 2003, then reunited for a couple of shows in 2007, then a dozen or so in 2011 to celebrate the reissue of 1999's unstoppable Emergency & I. A handful of new songs showed up on crappy YouTube videos last summer, and those songs—plus a bunch more—will make up the new record. A small handful of dates are scheduled prior to the album's release. Track listing and those dates are below. (And yes, we keep asking them to do Undercover, and they keep hedging. Go bug 'em on Twitter or something.)

Uncanney Valley track list:

No One's Saying Nothing



White Collar White Trash

Living In Song


Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer

Mexico City Christmas

Go And Get It

Let's Just Go To The Dogs Tonight

Dismemberment Plan tour dates:

Sep 14: Detroit, St. Jerome's Laneway Festival

Sep 15: Chicago, Riot Fest

Sep 21: Denver, Riot Fest


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