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The Discovery Channel has second thoughts about reenacting Michael Jackson's autopsy

The Discovery Channel has “postponed indefinitely” the broadcast of a TV special called Michael Jackson’s Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson, which, true to its title, both features a reenactment of the late pop star’s autopsy and presumably concludes that you did, by loving him too much. The network said it pulled the documentary—originally scheduled to air on January 13—partially due to the “commencement of legal proceedings next week,” referring to Dr. Conrad Murray’s upcoming hearing for involuntary manslaughter, during which attorneys for Jackson’s former physician are reportedly prepping a defense based on the idea that Jackson actually committed suicide (and wouldn’t that be embarrassing, to have to tack on a last-minute epilogue?). However, it also acknowledged a recent Internet petition that prompted Jackson’s estate to accuse the Discovery Channel of a "blind desire to exploit Michael's death" for the purposes of publicity and profit, which would just be tacky.


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