The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Variety reports that Sony may have found the latest team of writers it can task with wringing radioactive blood from the stone of Peter Parker’s oft-recounted origin. Vacation directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are apparently in talks to write the studio’s latest Spider-Man film, facing down the job of finding a new, creative way to slam the words “power,” “great,” “responsibility,” “comes,” and “with” together until a new script pops out for newcomer Tom Holland to star in.

Besides Vacation, Daley and Goldstein have previously written together on the Horrible Bosses movies and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The duo is also experienced with this latest take on the friendly neighborhood victim of cinematic deja vu; they were in talks to direct the movie at one point, before the studio ended up selecting Cop Car director Jon Watts for the gig. Unfortunately for the pair, the film is expected to focus exclusively on Peter Parker’s high-school career and aim toward a younger demographic, which probably precludes them going the easy, fan-pleasing route by just scripting Thor actor Chris Hemsworth to show up and recreate his performance from the recent Vacation trailer, delighting so-inclined fans with hints about the might of his powerful Norse hammer.


Still, Daley and Goldstein have a firm foundation of ideas to build away from, thanks to all those plot reveals from the aborted Amazing Spider-Man 3. As long as they stay away from throwing eight villains on the screen at once, or giving Spidey magical, dead-loved-one-restoring powers of resurrection, things presumably can’t go too far wrong. (And even if they do, they can rest easy in the knowledge that another reboot will be by in five or so years to wipe the slate clean once again.)