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The Director's Guild liked The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo more than War Horse

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The final arm of the Guild triumvirate has at last cast its runestones into the cleromantic circle, with the Director’s Guild of America joining symbolic hands with the Screen Actors and Writers Guilds to divine the will of the industry universe. And according to the DGA, the universe thought War Horse was sort of overrated, as Steven Spielberg found himself edged out of a list of otherwise predictable nominees with a surprise upset by David Fincher, whose The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has more or less missed out on pre-Oscar accolades until very recently. Not that Spielberg likely has to worry about the Academy similarly embracing a gloriously nasty film like Tattoo over a Steven Spielberg movie that has war, horses, and horses fighting in war. But still, he probably feels slightly snubbed considering this is the rare occasion where he wasn’t recognized alongside the other DGA nominees—and now-solidified Oscar frontrunners—like The Artist’s Michel Hazanavicius, The Descendants’ Alexander Payne, Hugo’s Martin Scorsese, and Midnight In Paris’ Woody Allen. If only he’d added just a touch more war and/or horses.


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