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The director of Shrek is making a Curious George movie

Curious George

In what could be the biggest news of the year for The A.V. Club’s large number of Pre-K readers, The Hollywood Reporter says that Shrek director Andrew Adamson is going to direct a live-action movie about Curious George, everyone’s favorite little monkey boy. Adamson will also co-write the film, with the report saying that it will be based on “the classic book series by Margret and Hans Augusto Rey.” We’re not sure if that means this will be one of those “more faithful to the books” adaptations, but the diehard Curious George fans will probably be fine with the movie ignoring some of the more questionable recent additions to the canon, like George’s nemesis Disinterested Danny and the whole Curious George Vs. The Mole People story arc (though, to be fair, we did just made up both of those things).

Other than Shrek, Adamson also directed the first two Chronicles Of Narnia movies and the first Shrek sequel. Also, this new film will presumably be unrelated to the 2006 animated Curious George movie starring Will Ferrell and Drew Barrymore, but maybe they’ll eventually tie together as mart of the Curious George multiverse.


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