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The director of Natalie Portman's new Western just decided not to go to work yesterday

In a situation that exactly parallels that time you just decided not to go to your dumb job waiting tables, leaving millions of dollars and Natalie Portman in the lurch, director Lynne Ramsay just decided not to show up for work on her first day of shooting Jane Got A Gun. The Western (presumably based on the old traditional cowboy song by Aerosmith) had already endured some serious behind-the-scenes shake-ups, with Michael Fassbender dropping out recently, surely to the disappointment of the horses. After replacing him with Jude Law, in the role of the ex-lover who helps protect Portman’s farm from dangerous outlaws, the film seemed back on track right up until yesterday, when Ramsay—best known for helming the indie We Need To Talk About Kevin—simply didn’t show up, without so much as, say, a phone call claiming her grandmother had died.

In fact, Deadline says there’s been no comment from Ramsay yet at all, with producers branding her no-show an “irresponsible act” that’s led to them seeking a replacement director and even retaining a lawyer to potentially pursue litigation under Ramsay’s pay-or-play deal. But presumably that case will be scrapped as soon as Ramsay finally runs onto the set and tells everyone she overslept and had car trouble and, like, no one stopped to help. Also, her cell phone totally died.


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