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The director of Kurt And Courtney is making a Whitney Houston documentary

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

According to Pitchfork, filmmaker Nick Broomfield is working on a documentary about Whitney Houston. Appropriately titled Whitney (even though that was already a Lifetime movie), the film will premiere on BBC Two at some point in the future and it will reportedly focus on “the forces that made and then destroyed the singer.” Broomfield is the director behind Kurt And Courtney, the 1998 documentary that was built almost entirely around claims that Courtney Love murdered Kurt Cobain and is a vehement opponent of free speech, but it’s unclear what conspiracy theories—if any—will play a major part in Whitney. Perhaps Broomfield will suggest that the forces that made and then destroyed Whitney Houston were none other than Courtney Love and her hatred of free speech? We’re not sure how that would make any kind of sense, but that’s what makes it the perfect crime. Nobody would expect it.


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