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Although It Follows has turned out to be, if not a sleeper hit, a word-of-mouth success in theaters, in the topsy-turvy media world in which we are now living, if your movie does well, it’s time to go into TV. And director David Robert Mitchell is apparently doing just that, as Deadline reports he has signed a deal with Universal Cable—the same company that recruited Wes Craven to adapt The People Under The Stairs for TV earlier this week—and prolific production company Benderspink to develop an original TV series.


Called Mr. Postman, the concept seems to be a Kolchack: The Night Stalker kind of thing based around a postal worker “who investigates the dark mysteries within his all-American town after a horrific event occurs on his own street.” (Mysteries like, “how is the guy in 2F getting a package from Amazon every single day? Seriously, what is he buying?,” one assumes.) That’s all that’s known about the project for the moment, but Michigan seems like a perfect place to investigate some dark mysteries, we think.

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