HItman: Agent 47

Aleksander Bach’s Hitman: Agent 47 will put on an usher disguise and go sneaking into theaters on August 21, and now The Hollywood Reporter says the first-time director has already found his second project. Titled Revoc, the film is reportedly a “grounded sci-fi epic” about an alien invasion, and it’s apparently a “unique take on the genre.” That’s really all we know about it for now, so let’s come up with some ideas for what could happen in a grounded sci-fi epic about an alien invasion. To keep it from being to outlandish, maybe the aliens could be tiny spores that fly in from space, and they could quietly invade the planet by mimicking Earth’s plant life. Humans love plants, so maybe then some people can bring these plants home without realizing they’re aliens. While the humans are sleeping, the aliens can snatch their bodies and create emotionless duplicates that spread the invasion further and further. Has anyone made a movie like that?