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The director of Disney’s Feast is making a Battling Boy movie

Battling Boy

As reported by The Tracking Board, Patrick Osborne—the director of Disney’s Academy Award-winning short Feast—has been hired to direct Battling Boy, an adaptation of Paul Pope’s graphic novel of the same name. The book is about the son of a Thor-like god who is tasked with saving a city called Arcopolis, and he gets special powers depending on which magical T-shirt he’s wearing. During his adventure, he meets up with Aurora West, the daughter of a recently deceased crime-fighting vigilante.

Interestingly, The Tracking Board’s article doesn’t specify whether or not Battling Boy will be an animated film. Osborne’s background is in animation, so it wouldn’t really make sense for him to do this as live-action, but it does seem odd to not specifically point out what kind of movie this is going to be. That means either it’s obviously going to be animated and we’re stupid to think otherwise, or the adaptation is so far off that the studio hasn’t decided yet. Or, maybe, whoever wrote the press release just forgot to mention it.


You can see a clip from Feast below.

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