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The Transformers movies were printing money for a while there, leading every toy company to believe that every toy and board game should also be made into a movie, but most of those thankfully never made it past the “Hey, Playmobil should be a movie!” stage. That being said, some toys really do lend themselves to movies, which brings us to the Magic 8 Ball. According to Deadline, Mattel and Blumhouse and have enlisted Jeff Wadlow—director of Blumhouse’s Truth Or Dare—to direct a horror movie inspired by the fortune-telling Magic 8 Ball toy. A thing that sort of tells your future seems like a straightforward setup for a horror movie, and “outlook not so good” can go on the poster or whatever, so maybe this will work out better than the last attempt to make a Magic 8 Ball movie nearly a decade ago. That time around it had screenwriters Jon Gunn and John Mann on board, neither of whom are as accomplished as the director of Blumhouse’s Truth Or Dare.


Anyway, we just hope there’s a few scenes where an angry teen cracks open a cursed Magic 8 Ball so we can finally see what’s inside. We heard about a kid at another school who drank the liquid inside one, and his mom made him go to the hospital. It was crazy.

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