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The dinos of Land Before Time get restyled as the Guardians Of The Galaxy

Illustration for article titled The dinos of iLand Before Time/i get restyled as the iGuardians Of The Galaxy/i

While it seemed nothing could top that Guardians Of The Galaxy-style Star Wars trailer, a new mashup is giving it a run for its money. Laughing Squid has unearthed a video that blends audio from the Guardians trailer with images from The Land Before Time, Don Bluth’s beloved 1988 animated film. The subject choice isn’t completely random; both films center on a protagonist shaken by the death of his mother and both follow a ragtag group that must balance big personalities to achieve a common goal.


The fake trailer plays up those parallels, particularly between the two films’ characters. The video styles Littlefoot as Peter Quill, Cera as Gamora, and—in a bit of a stretch—Petrie as Drax. But perhaps the video’s most perfect choice is to cast odd couple Ducky and Spike as fellow odd couple Rocket Raccoon and Groot. “We are Spike,” indeed.

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