The Devil, as The Exorcist’s Father Merrin (and the Bible, probably) points out, is a liar. Not that we’d have any reason to suspect that the press release announcing Fox’s decision to renew Lucifer for a second season is one of the Great Beast’s many fabrications. No, the show—which The A.V. Club’s Alasdair Wilkins describes as “so stupid it’s almost brilliant”—is doing just fine. It condemns an average of 10.5 million innocent souls to an hour of procedural hellfire each week, making it Fox’s second most-watched show for adults ages 18-49 who are still free to patronize the Olive Garden.

We also have no choice but to believe that Rosewood, a non-Satanic cop show, has also picked up a renewal despite not featuring the Angel of the Bottomless Pit driving a fancy car or playing the piano or anything. It does feature Jaina Lee Ortiz and Morris Chestnut as a mismatched pair of crime fighters who somehow manage to solve cases although they bicker with each other constantly, a less-than-fresh premise that still pulls in 6 million viewers every week. (Its position as the lead-in to Empire has probably been helpful in that regard.) Maybe the real greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was persuading people to watch just about anything, as long as a murder gets solved every week.


[via Variety]