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The Detroit Pistons enlist Eminem, John Oliver for “The Longest Oop”

Eminem and "Mom's Spaghetti"

Savvy NBA fans may have noticed that something’s been going on with the Detroit Pistons. They still may not be great, but their social media presence has gotten a lot better. And, heck, the team even seems to have a sense of humor about itself. A good portion of that sea change may be due in part to Funny Or Die, which has teamed up with the Pistons for a new marketing and content partnership. All year, Funny Or Die will be producing exclusive videos for the Pistons, all in an effort to enhance the experience of actually seeing a Pistons game.

So far, the partnership has played out a few funny ways. One was “The Backboard With The Detroit Pistons Hosted By Lamorne Morris,” a clip that was filmed at the team’s Media Day and boasted about the coach’s (fictional) new line of tear away khakis. The other, “The Longest Oop,” premiered at last night’s Pistons home game and can now be viewed online as well. That clip examines the act of a 20-person alley-oop, with everyone from Eminem and his mom’s spaghetti to John Oliver popping up in the clip. It’s weird, for sure, but it’s also a pretty innovative way to look at usually boring in-stadium video.


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