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The denizens of Downton Abbey are "modern folk" in film adaptation's first full trailer

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Screenshot: Downtown Abbey

Adjust thy monocle, for a new trailer for Julian Fellowes’ film adaptation of Downton Abbey has arrived, and, *gasp*, the Crawleys are “modern folk” now. “No maid, no valet, no nanny even!” cries Lord Grantham and we just...we couldn’t be more proud.


The original principal cast from the six-season series is all here, preparing for a visit from the king and queen to their sumptuous abode. As Mary (Michelle Dockery) and the rest of the clan prepare for their arrival, a special guest in Jim Carter’s Carson is recruited for his kindly know-how. If that’s not enough to set your bowtie spinning, it also appears that Downton could soon see itself vacated by the Crawleys. They are modern folk, after all.

Watch the full trailer below ahead of its September 20 premiere (it opens a week earlier in the U.K.).

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