The many heartfelt tributes (and a couple of botched ones) to Robin Williams that have emerged over the past few weeks stand as a testament to how deeply his work touched people‚Äôs lives over the years. Now fans will have the opportunity to explore that work and the man behind it in greater detail, as The New York Times‚Äô Dave Itzkoff prepares to write the ‚Äúdefinitive, comprehensive‚ÄĚ Williams biography. Itzkoff wrote the Times‚Äô obituary for Williams as well as a profile of the actor in 2009, and is the author of two books, Mad As Hell: The Making Of Network And The Fateful Vision Of The Angriest Man In Movies and Cocaine‚Äôs Son: A Memoir.

No title or publication date for the Williams bio has been announced yet, but in a statement announcing the project, Itzkoff calls the comedian ‚Äúa cultural hero of mine‚ÄĚ and says, ‚ÄúIn the encounters and interactions I was able to share with him, he was always gentle and generous, humane and thoughtful and hilarious.‚ÄĚ


[via The Hollywood Reporter]